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Home. It’s where you’re most comfortable, and where the vast majority of your memories are made. It signifies one of the most important things in your life – family. The home you’ve built with your partner is your safe place. After all your adventures, whether you hike, travel, or drive from soccer practice to ballet […]

Lifestyle Photography and Drawing

It happened! He popped the question, and you said YES! Congratulations! Uncork the champagne, let’s celebrate! Now it’s time to get planning. For many brides, this stage can get overwhelming. There’s so much to do and everything has to be perfect. You may already have things picked out in your mind – the style of […]

5 Best Vancouver Wedding Venues

CONGRATULATIONS! You’re engaged! You’re getting married! This is such an exciting season as you look forward to not only your wedding, but your marriage. You’re going to spend the rest of your life with your fiance. Let’s start it off on the right foot with some amazing engagement photos. I’ll take care of the actual […]

What to wear to your engagement session

You’ve just found out you’re expecting – Congratulations! What an exciting time! When you first found out, you likely jumped around, cried with joy, and hugged your partner. And then the panic set in. Whether this baby is your first or your fourth, there is a ton to do to prepare for it! My guess […]

4 Questions to ask your Newborn Photographer

Weddings are expensive. A quick Google search shows that the average Canadian wedding costs about $30,000. They don’t have to be so expensive – there many ways to cut costs, but your photographer shouldn’t be one of them. If you’re on Pinterest, you can find plenty of DIY projects that just take a bit of […]

Cheap Wedding Photographer: 6 Reasons you’ll Regret Hiring One

What is lifestyle newborn photography? You may be faced with this question when choosing a photographer for your session. Learn what makes lifestyle photography special here!

What is Lifestyle Newborn Photography?

Maybe it’s happened to you before. You decide you need some family photos, so you pick out outfits you love for yourself, the kids, and, let’s be honest, hubby. On the day, you do your best to get everyone’s hair done, keep everyone clean, do your own hair and make-up, hoping for some photos you […]

How to get those Pinterest Family Photos


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